Easy & Seamless Process.

Bizmo Card allows you to create your digital identity card in a step-by-step guided process.

Add Product Links

Bizmo Card offer you the chance to include product links to your digital cards.

Add Clickable Social Media & YouTube Video links

You can also add your social media and YouTube links to your digital identity card.

Add Products to Sell

Enjoy the advantage of adding products that you want to sell through your card.

Custom Branding

Explore our custom branding section to find the most appealing and professional design for your digital business cards.

Contactless Process

With a digital business card, you won’t have to carry your cards anymore. You have to share it online with your client or business friend.

Access and custom design from anywhere

Bizmo Card can be accessed anytime from anywhere to create visually remarkable digital cards

Attractive Pre-loaded Card Templates

Explore our excellent collection of pre-loaded templates that helps you make a stunning visual representation of any business card.

Proof review & easy sharing

You can review your digital business card before sharing them with your clients.

Add Payment UPI Credentials

Now you can add your payment credentials easily to your digital identity cards and make transactions without any hindrance.

Click to call for Card recipients

You can add your mobile number link so that anyone can click on the phone number, and they will be redirected to the calling page on the mobile.

Rich Design

Exceptional Bizmo Card designs make your digital business card one of a kind that will instantly impress anybody. 

Save Card To Account

An added benefit is that the user using the card can save the card on the portal account.

Both Mobile & Web View available

Your digital cards can be viewed from any digital device without any hindrance.

No need to carry Business Card, can share card directly from the User account

With our digital business cards, you won’t have to worry about carrying your cards because you can share the card directly from the user account.